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Engagement Letter
Initial Engagement Letter
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Preliminary Questionaire
We ask everybody to fill in this initial questionaire... it will give me basic information about your tax situation so I can ask about any particular situation you might have
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PLEASE see note below... This should be fillable using a PDF reader... but, if you fill this in using your web browser you probably won't be able to save the data.

A Word About Adobe Reader

Adobe Reader prevents most fillable forms from being SAVED on your computer.
We attempt to make our forms SAVABLE! You
should be able to fill out this form and save it on your computer.

Preview.app should work on the Mac.

If you have problems on Windows there are alternatives for Windows that should allow you to fill out a form and then save the data for any PDF form -

example: Nuance PDF Reader for Windows

example: Foxit PDF Reader for Windows

It will NOT work if you try to fill in the form using your web browser (you may be able to fill in the form but not save the information). Please download the form, save it to disk and then fill it in.

You may also of course print the form and fill it in by hand.